When there is talk on the web about jewelry and diamonds, we are the one's that pick up on it and introduce it to you in a manner that is accurate and realistic. Rather than leading you toward the wrong direction that will have you end up in a place where you never wanted to be, we lead you towards success for your next luxury transaction.

My name is Yuri and I have been in the Jewelry and Fashion industry for over a decade now. Having came across so much information about jewelry and fashion. I felt obliged to begin my own website where I can layout my own thoughts, ideas, and suggestions so that the world can take from it whatever they please. And also whenever they please. With so much information out on the web, it is no wonder why so many individuals that seek to sell their valuables online are left not knowing where to go or who to trust.

It is a tough business when you are dealing with things of such high worth. In person it is a challenge to strike a deal that will leave you with a profit and not with a lowball offer from a buyer. Which is often the case for the majority of people that choose to go out and sell their jewelry pieces to a retail location or pawn shop. Pawn shop being one of the worst locations for selling your valuables. Please just stay far away from these places if you want to even have the chance to buy a happy meal with the money that you will be making from the transaction.

Online selling is whole other deal completely. Since you are not looking at someone in the eyes and face to face before, during, and after the deal. So you must know who to work with and who to steer clear from completely so that you don't end up getting burned online. Having worked with so many in the industry and online, I have built trust with only the finest shops online that will pay the highest prices for your valuables, and trust me, I am very picky with who I do business with. Especially when it comes to selling my valuables which I cherish so much.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope that you find the information on my site useful for your needs. If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with me, please visit my contact page and shoot me a message. I look forward to hearing from you!

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